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What’s Next for Yünq Company?

What's to come next? Decisions, decisions. Is this the brand for all of it or just some of it? Multi companies or one big umbrella. Pros and cons.....hmmm. This post is short short short. We really can't decide. Its tough. On the one hand all the branding and the website and blah

What’s Next for Yünq Company?2018-04-27T22:51:47+07:00

Site is looking reeeeeal good now.

Oooooh the site is looking real good now! Super super happy with the website. Color's looking cohesive and flow-ie. Not sure on that blue yet tho but we'll see if it grows on us. Still loving the Wordpress and Avada. What a great combo. Worpress clearly has cut its teeth over

Site is looking reeeeeal good now.2018-04-27T22:52:13+07:00

First Post Is The Most…

First Post is the Most... First collection? First lookbook? First release? Nope, nope, and not in the conventional sense. Here is is how it is going to work, we are gonna be navigating our lives and a little lightening bolt is going to hit us squarely in the brain. We will shape that

First Post Is The Most…2018-04-26T00:42:19+07:00