What’s to come next?

Decisions, decisions. Is this the brand for all of it or just some of it? Multi companies or one big umbrella. Pros and cons…..hmmm.

This post is short short short. We really can’t decide. Its tough. On the one hand all the branding and the website and blah blah is done. On the other hand it will all be only under the 1 brand so it can’t be more. For example, intake manifolds. When we release our first manifold should it be here? It will be one of a kind so it makes sense but if we release other automotive parts would they fit here? Tough to tell at this point so for now we are just gonna let it percolate for a bit.


Ya, percolate. We wanna fill this blog post out a little bit more soooo:

verb: percolate; 3rd person present: percolates; past tense: percolated; past participle: percolated; gerund or present participle: percolating
  1. 1.
    (of a liquid or gas) filter gradually through a porous surface or substance.
    “the water percolating through the soil may leach out minerals”
    synonyms: filterdraindripoozeseeptrickledribbleleakleach

    “water percolated through the soil”
    • (of information or an idea or feeling) spread gradually through an area or group of people.
      “this issue has percolated into the public consciousness”
      synonyms: spread, be disseminated, filterpassMore

  2. 2.
    (of coffee) be prepared in a percolator.
    “he put some coffee on to percolate”
    synonyms: brew;

    “he put some coffee on to percolate”
    • prepare (coffee) in a percolator.
      “freshly percolated coffee”
    • US
      be or become full of lively activity or excitement.
      “the night was percolating with an expectant energy”


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