First Post is the Most…

First collection? First lookbook? First release? Nope, nope, and not in the conventional sense. Here is is how it is going to work, we are gonna be navigating our lives and a little lightening bolt is going to hit us squarely in the brain. We will shape that idea into a new product and the minute it is done….we will release it here. No messing around, no teasing, no “sneak peeks”, no waiting.

Why now? Whats this about?

“Time and tide wait for no man person.” Why tf not is a better question. We always wanted to do this so now we are here grinding day in and day out. We wanted shirts and hats and hoodies that don’t exist. We want a new shirt today and not one that was released with 200 others by 50 other companies every spring fall whatever. The only way to see that happen is to get up and do it ourselves.

Soooooo….our apparel line. It was was created firstly as a creative outlet and secondly as a means of patronage:


Creatively we have always wanted to see more….just more everything. More minimal, more floral, more integration, more iconifciation. Where is the  80’s techno color at? Just MOAR!  Initially we are feeling the simple minimal geometric-iness and some integration. The iconification is hard but we’ll stay on it until we get a polished product.


Amazon Affiliate? Monetize Youtube? Instead of spending time setting all that up we figured why not cut out the middle man. Offering a product and opening up a means of patronage just made sense. SickAF merch to keep you warm with all the proceeds going towards keep the channel(and its creator) afloat.

Youtube? Whaaat?

Full disclosure: We are working on/launching a number of projects, one of which is an all watching and all seeing Youtube channel. It occurred to us that at some point in the very near future the camera *may* be pointed at us. We decided that we did not want to promote any other brand than our own. Why expend any energy promoting anyone but ourselves? So to fix that we launched this apparel line as a means to create products we wanted to wear and that promoted our brand.

One important distinction was made and that is Yünq Company is not affiliated with the channel. Yünq Company is its own entity….it is simply a means of making products we wanted to wear and a means for fans/subscribers to show there support.

We are on all the main social media platforms but Instagram is going to be the main place to stay up to date. Super super stoked to move this forward one product at a time. 🙂